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Getting away from it all

Even a swingset can lead to romantic moments!

I’ve got a romantic weekend getaway coming up.

I love to forget my weekday cares, break my routine, and try myself in a new setting — even if it’s only a long car ride away.

And it can be great for romance.

I’ve always said that sex is about all five sense, plus a “sixth sense” of your imagination. Traveling means new sights, new sounds, and new smells. Order the most exotic dishes at the hotel (or resort or lodge) to experience new tastes. As for the sense of touch, that’s up to you and your lover.

Romance isn’t just found on moonlit beaches. You can have a romantic getaway even in the middle of town, especially using that “sixth” sense. Every place has a history; use it to add a little fantasy to your vacation. You can become a Southern Belle while you’re staying in Georgia or a jazzy 1920’s flapper in Chicago. You can play cowboys and cowgirls out West, or Bogey and Bacall in 1940’s L.A.

Or you can get out of the city. Being surrounded by nature brings out something primal in us. Whether deep in the woods or out on the lake, when you look up and see the stars, you understand what captivated the ancient poets. Just being in a park or a desert where cell phones don’t work is luxurious. And out in the wilderness, you can make all the noise you want.

If you’re short on time or money, you can join the latest craze of staycations. Shut down the computer, close the blinds, turn on the answering machine, and just spend time together. You can cook a meal together, watch a romantic movie, or just enjoy a rare daytime romp in the bedroom.

Have you had a romantic vacation recently? Tell me about it.


I believe in…

Facing my fears.

Taking pride in my body.

Thinking beyond gender roles.

Fulfilling my fantasies.

Never settling.

The healing power of chocolate.

Giving in to temptation.

Trying new things.

Bringing joy to others.

Teaching if I know how.

Learning if I don’t.

Not doing things halfway.

Seeing the world.

Finding the beauty in myself and others.

Spending time instead of money.

The most erotic part of the body is the mind.


Have you seen me?

Emmanuelle in Space

I’ve traveled the world, and beyond, in my erotic escapades. Where have I been? Here are just a few places:

  • The sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean
  • The classic elegance of Eastern Europe
  • Glamorous Hollywood (of course)
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Space
  • Bangkok (my first time!)

And soon I’ll be coming right to your home with my new website.


Get ready for a whole new Emmanuelle…

The most famous erotic character in history — me — will be coming to the internet in a whole new way later this year.

Keep checking this blog for the latest updates!

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