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I’ve received a number of emails from all over the world, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to respond to a few of them.

Helena from North Hollywood, California asked where to find my films. There are a lot of them, from the 1974 original to home video releases in the 21st century. You can catch me on Cinemax or buy most of my DVD’s on Amazon. And remember, my name has two M’s and two L’s — any other spelling is an impostor!

Philippe from Calais, France asked a lot of questions. The best was, “What was the strangest time or place you met a future boyfriend?”
Possibly at college. Our mascot was a wildcat, and members of the football team took turns taking care of it. One day I was studying by myself, out in a field on the far corner of campus, and saw this thing run by; the cat was out! His handler came rushing after it, and begged me to help him.  Using candy as bait, we coaxed it back into its cage. The guy thanked me and introduced himself as a wide receiver on the team. We were together for the whole school year. How’s that for a first date — wrangling a cougar?

Shovana from Columbus, Ohio, asked, “I look at models and feel ugly and fat. You say that every woman is beautiful in her own way, but do you actually believe that?”
Standards of beauty are always changing. Models are stick-thin today, but just 30 years ago, Cheryl Tiegs and Farrah Fawcett had wonderfully womanly curves. In the 80’s, big, blow-dried, over-sprayed hair was considered gorgeous; now we laugh at it. Since the trends come and go, why try to keep up? Decide what you want to be and become that, not for the people on the street or the men in your life, but for you.

Toshiya from Nagano, Japan asked, “I’ve been a fan of yours since the 80’s. Are you really coming back?”
I am. Right now there’s a worldwide search for the next Emmanuelle to star in a whole new series of films. And later this year, I’ll be launching a sex and romance site where you can share your experiences, post photos, get advice, and watch original erotic videos.

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Playing the part

I don’t mean on a movie set. I mean in the bedroom.

I’ve certainly had some role-playing experience in my personal sexual adventures. To spice things up, to please my partners, or to indulge my own fantasies, I’ve been a police officer, a cowgirl, a cheerleader, a teacher, a pirate, and even a vampire. I’ll let you guess which were my ideas and which were theirs.

One of the best role-playing efforts I’ve ever heard of comes in a letter from Cindy in Toronto:

“I was with a guy who was really into Star Wars. Don’t laugh, he made a small fortune buying and selling rare Star Wars toys. As you might guess, he had a thing for Princess Leia. After a few months of pleading (which was great in itself), I agreed.

Princess Leia

“I didn’t know what I was getting into! He made me watch all three films, which I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. He taught me all about the Leia character and her adventures before and after the movies (from novels which no one’s read but him). He sat beside me as we shopped online for her slave girl outfit from Return of the Jedi.

“I felt like I was preparing for a movie. He even gave me some basic dialogue suggestions. When the time finally came, he put Stars Wars music on the CD player and came in dressed as Han Solo. He looked pretty good, actually. We said some lines from the movie, improvised the rest, and then had — so he said — the best sex of his life. After that, I only had to snap my fingers and he would answer my every wish!”

Cindy deserves a medal, or maybe an Academy Award, for her work, don’t you think?

Do you have any role-playing stories to share? Post them or write to me at

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