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Looking forward, looking back

My film debut was June 26, 1974. A few days ago, I celebrated my 34th birthday.

Many people, old and young, have expressed their birthday wishes to me at my parties, through this blog, and on my MySpace and Facebook pages.

But it’s I who must thank them. For keeping me alive on screens big and small. For keeping my spirit alive by living life to the fullest, embracing their beauty and their bodies, and by never feeling ashamed by their sexual feelings.

Whether you discovered me in a theater in Paris that first summer, or on cable TV in the 80’s, or on DVD in this new century, thank you for staying with me and following my adventures.

My story hasn’t ended. A lot has changed since 1974, but romance and beauty are two ideals that will never disappear. And I will continue to embody those values in a new series of films and a new site coming later this year.

Like all birthdays, I’ve used the occasion to look back at my accomplishments.

But I’m also looking ahead at what’s to come — and I love what I see.