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Unexpectedly Sexy

I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes lately. I’ve realized that while I think I only look sexy in a few outfits — a black evening dress, or just the right swimsuit — the men in my life have found me irresistible when I’m dressed down, hair a mess, not even wearing any makeup. I did a little unscientific polling and came up with a few casual numbers that seem to drive men wild:

  • Sports jerseys. I don’t mean form-fitting women’s versions. I’m talking about regular, stadium-ready uniforms. When you wear a jersey, you combine a man’s two greatest loves — his girl and his team. It has quite an effect on them. And since jerseys are usually baggy, they fit anyone!

  • Men’s clothes. Specifically, your man’s clothes. Instead of walking in to the bedroom in your usual lingerie, try wearing one of your guy’s business shirts (make sure it’s not his best one!), buttoned up as much or as little as you like, with only panties underneath. High heels optional. Watch him melt.

  • Sweatshirts, baseball caps, jeans, etc. I don’t understand it. Sweatshirts hide my curves, and hoods and hats hide my hair. But almost every guy I’ve talked to or been with loved these simple, casual, ensembles. One offered an explanation: “It reminds me of college, when all the girls wore sweatshirts and had their hair in ponytails. Every girl seemed approachable back then.” Take note.

  • Pajamas. Not lingerie, not baby dolls, but full, long-sleeved pajamas. Another example of reverse psychology, in which the more you cover up, the more men want to uncover you.

  • Flannel. Another head-scratcher. Lumberjack fetish? Holdover trend from Juno? “I love a rugged woman,” says one of my guy friends, “If a girl can fish, pitch a tent, build a fire — I’m hers.” And even if you can’t do those things, you can still make men think you can. Roll up the sleeves and leave the top few buttons undone so you don’t look too masculine.

Do you have any other outfits that you wouldn’t think are sexy, but men seem to love?


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