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How many steps to beautiful?

I’ve been reading Sex and the Office, written in 1964 by Helen Gurley Brown, the former editor of Cosmopolitan. The book guides working single girls through the swingin’ 60’s. It’s amazing what advice remains timeless and what is laughably outdated.

In the chapter “Make Up and Live,” Ms. Brown explains the steps to applying make-up each morning. All sixteen of them.

And I wondered, does a beautiful face really require sixteen steps? I usually wear foundation, blush, lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. That’s five. But do I even need those? As I wrote in Unexpectedly Sexy, some men love it when women dress down — does that include make-up, too?

Have you ever had to rush out of the house in the morning without applying your full make-up? Or finishing your hair? What did the men in your office say? How about the women?

I sometimes wear less make-up over the weekend, and sometimes more, depending on what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll take a risk the next two days and wear nothing at all…